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+Python OSM XML converter.
+Usage is extremely simple:
+    >>> from osm2py import load_osm
+    >>> load_osm(open('my_file.osm'))
+    [<a list of all the XML elements as dictionaries (see help(load_osm) for more info)>]
+If you want to save the elements into a custom storage, define a callback:
+    >>> def cb(current, parent):
+            print current
+    >>> load_osm(open('my_file.osm'), cb)
+    (will just print all the dictionaries)
+You can also create an arbitrary filter for the elements:
+    >>> flt = lambda elt: (
+        elt['name'] == 'node' and
+        (54 < int(elt['attrs']['lat']) < 56)
+        and (82 < int(elt['attrs']['lon']) < 84)
+    >>> load_osm(open('my_file.osm'), element_filter=flt)
+    <list of dictionaries>
+**** dumps these dictionaries in json format.
+**** can import from OSM XML in Python objects representing the document and linking correctly one another.
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