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added imports in root of Formats, to avoid stupid Django.Django calls

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+Metadata-Version: 1.0
+Name: vectorformats
+Version: 0.1
+Summary: geographic data serialization/deserialization library
+Author: MetaCarta Labs
+License: BSD
+Description: This is a library for easy serialization and deserialization of geographic
+        features (geometries and properties) into various formats.
+        For more, see the doc/ subdirectory.
+Platform: UNKNOWN
+Classifier: Development Status :: 4 - Beta
+Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
+Classifier: Intended Audience :: Science/Research
+Classifier: Operating System :: OS Independent
+Classifier: Programming Language :: Python
+Classifier: Topic :: Scientific/Engineering :: GIS


+from CSV import CSV
+from Django import Django
+from GeoJSON import GeoJSON
+from GeoRSS import GeoRSS
+from HTML import HTML
+from KML import KML
+from OGR import OGR
+from OSM import OSM
+from WFS import WFS
+from WKT import WKT