Aleš Erjavec committed c4da7df

Use Orange buffer dir for obiKEGG2 files.

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 import os
 import ConfigParser
 from StringIO import StringIO
+from Orange.misc import serverfiles
+kegg_dir = serverfiles.localpath("KEGG2")
 default = """
-path = %(home)s/.obiKEGG/
+# path = %(home)s/.obiKEGG/
+path = %(kegg_dir)s/
 store = sqlite3
 kegg_invalidate = always
-#_defaults_env = dict(default)
+# Orange kegg files dir
+env = dict(os.environ)
+env["kegg_dir"] = kegg_dir
-parser = ConfigParser.ConfigParser(dict(os.environ))#_defaults_env)
-# TODO: global settings
+parser = ConfigParser.ConfigParser(env)
 parser.readfp(StringIO(default), "default")
+# TODO: global settings rc file[os.path.expanduser("~/.obiKEGG/rc.cfg")])
 params = {}
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