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 show error-level ones by setting the value of the
 `nu.validator.client.level` system property to `error`, like this:
-   java -Dnu.validator.client.level=error -jar vnu.jar FILE.html
+    java -Dnu.validator.client.level=error -jar vnu.jar FILE.html
 These properties map to the common input parameters documented
 #### nu.validator.client.level
     Specifies the severity level of validation messages to report; to
-    suppress warning-level messages, set this to "error".
+    suppress warning-level messages, and only show error-level ones, set
+    this property to "error".
     default: [unset]
     possible values: see
-    example: java -Dnu.validator.client.level=error -jar vnu.jar FILE.html
 #### nu.validator.client.charset
     Specifies the encoding of the input document.