Henri Sivonen  committed a866094

Alert the user if there is an svn-based htmlparser directory.

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     runCmd('"%s" co "%s" "%s"' % (svnCmd, svnRoot + mod + '/trunk/', mod))
   runCmd('"%s" co jing-trang' % (svnCmd))
   if os.path.exists("htmlparser"):
-    runCmd('"%s" pull --rebase -R htmlparser' % (hgCmd))  
+    if os.path.exists("htmlparser/.hg"):
+      runCmd('"%s" pull --rebase -R htmlparser' % (hgCmd))
+    else:
+      print "The htmlparser module has moved to hg. Please back up local changes (if any) and remove the htmlparser directory."
+      sys.exit(3)
     runCmd('"%s" clone htmlparser' % (hgCmd))