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 tried it yet.
 Things to-do for epio:
-- avatar and attachements redirection
+- [done] avatar and attachements redirection via symlink to writtable directory
 - [done] replace forum search index backend from file-based whoosh to the epio approoved solr
+EPIO and static files:
+Because the filesystem your app runs on is read-only by default, if you're trying 
+to use the collectstatic command you'll need to do one of two things:
+- Run collectstatic locally, before you upload. 
+- Collect your static files to a directory in the writable area. This isn't advised, 
+as there's a slight performance penalty on serving files from the writable area.
 Folder layout
 /static = static/
 /media = ../shortcuts/django-admin-media/
-/forum/avatars = ../../app_data
-/forum/attachments = ../../app_data
+#/forum/avatars = ../../app_data
+#/forum/attachments = ../../app_data
 schema_file = solr_schema.xml 


 # Make this unique, and don't share it with anybody.
 SECRET_KEY = '(8+3!p7@03hyb&70xn#w8k)pbe&201s4n4*c+un)+7q$n%u&ls'
+# ok, should take from config -> SECRET_KEY = config['core']['secret_key']
 # List of callables that know how to import templates from various sources.