Compact data serialization with DSL model

  • MsgPack compatible binary serialization format
  • Supports json as human readable format
  • Django models alike schema definition
  • Supports singed and unsigned integer types
  • Supports single and double precision floating point
  • Pythonic serialization interface with 'dump' and 'load'
  • Fixpack aggregates for tagged format


  • OrderedDict for hollow arrays (pseudo-map)
  • Ensure soft versioning support works with tagged format (skip unknown fields)
  • Default values in structures
  • More tests
  • Fix binary encoding field ordering
  • Cache field order by tags and profile
  • Rework BinaryCodec in respect to fields order and format
  • Better module interface (move codecs to the subdirectory)
  • Python 3 compatibility & tox test
  • Verify unicode support with all of the codecs
  • Command line script