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Please see Tips for Testing Palaso Software


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Getting dependencies

  1. Ensure you have something that can run bash scripts
  2. Run build/
  3. Ensure you have Nuget
  4. Building the solution should automatically pull down the nuget dependencies.

RoadMap / Day-to-day progress

See the SayMore Trello Board

Bug Reports

Reports can be entered in They can be entered there via email by sending to issues at saymore dot palaso dot org.

Continuous Build System

Each time code is checked in, an automatic build begins on our TeamCity build server, running all the unit tests. Similarly, when there is a new version of some SayMore dependency (e.g. Palaso, LocalizationManager), that server automatically rebuilds SayMore . This automatic build doesn't publish a new installer, however. That kind of build is launched manually, by pressing a button on the TeamCity page. This "publish" process builds SayMore , makes and installer, rsyncs it to the distribution server, and writes out a little bit of html which the SayMore download page then displays to the user.