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This little app is a simple simulator of cars on a highway. Play with the parameters or stop any car by touching it. As a game try to maximize the throughput by playing with the parameters. It will show you why traffic will become much more performant once everyone drives self-driving cars.

What's the point?

There are many reasons that I built this app: I was in my vacations in Spain with my family. Some like tanning on the beach or reading books. I like coding. It's an interesting challenge. It gives me some programming practice (I am mostly manager). And the result is a app my kids (6 and 8 years old) also enjoy playing with.

Tech infos

Typescript, SVG and a simple state machine for each car. The code is not very pretty. And edge cases are not handled well. And it performs badly on low-CPU devices. Memory leaks? Probably yes.


  • Install dependencies via bower install and npm install
  • Compile the code via tsc