Due to server constraints, I can no longer host a web-side central server with the preprocessed price data. Thus, the addresses used in the app will not function (and you won't be able to get new database updates). If anyone is able to host such database, do let me know, so that the functionality can be restored.

EliteTrader is an Android app that uses the data provided by EDDN ( to provide you with trade data for stations in Elite: Dangerous.

I keep an snapshot of the latest trade data on my own server. The app simply fetches the data from this server (you have to press the update button on it) and allows you to do price searches locally (no internet required). This snapshot server is refreshed every 15 minutes or so.

You are able to change the data locally. When updating, if newer trade data is available, your edits will be overwritten. It is planned that any updates you do through the app will be broadcast on the EDDN, so everyone will benefit (not just people using the app). This is currently not implemented.

This is currently not finished, but all the basic functionality is there. Feel free to submit patches to it via the "Issues" on the bitbucket page at

This has been tested on a Nexus 5 and 9 running Android 5.0.1. I think it may work on versions above 4.x, or at least that's what I'm aiming for. I do not have any more devices available to me, so if you do and would like to do some testing, that'd be appreciated.


When opening the app, your database will be empty. you need to fetch the latest from my server by pressing the "Refresh" button. This will fetch a "seed" that initialises your database to the latest daily dump. It then fetches all subsequent updates. For then on, only the updates are downloaded which should be fairly quick (unless you reset the database).

If you go a long time without updating (like a week or so), it may be faster to reset your database and download the seed file again.

After the database is created (or updated) search for a station using the convenient search functionality and you can see the commodity prices for it. You can "Star" the station to bookmark it and it will be added to the app's drawer, for easy access in the future. Press said Star again to remove the bookmark.

The server refreshes the data every 15 minutes or so. Only the new data is downloaded onto your device, so updates should be quick.

Data available

The app only keeps track of stations with a market. Any stations that do not have commodity listings will not be downloaded to your phone. This helps speed up searches and keeping the data requirements on your phone (and my server) down to a minimum.

That said, there's a lot of extra information that is not currently used (or displayed) by the app, like system position and and station distance to nav beacon, which could be used for route plotting. This isn't implemented, but I welcome patches to this effect.


The server where I'm hosting the trade data has limited bandwidth - if the bandwidth is used up, no one will be able to update until it resets. Hey, this app is free, so no complaining - I don't want to have to pay up for a server.

Although trade data is updated fairly frequently, system and station data is not. There will be a delay between stations showing up on EDDN and on the app. If the data is available on EDDN but not on the app for an extended period (ie, more than a week), open a ticket here and I'll try to find out where the data was lost.

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