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Welcome to the OpenCards wiki. Here you can find information about the game and it's development. The code for this game is licensed under the GPL, so go ahead and feel free to make changes, just don't forget to post back!

This game was created due to lack of (decent) card games for Android tablets.

I used NetBeans with the NbAndroid plug-in to develop this; you are free to use whatever editor you wish.

Bugs and feature requests

If you found a bug or have some idea for the game, please click the issues tab above and check that a report hasn't been openened yet. If there's one, see if you can add more information to the report already there, otherwise open a new report. I can't promise you that I can fix the bug or implement the feature, but I will at least have a go at it.


The first revision of this game was posted on the Android market on the 18th of October 2011. The first revision of the source code was pushed shortly afterwards into this repository.

Games packaged


To give some code back, just clone the repository, make whatever changes you'd like and post patches on the issue tracker. You can also make a pull request, just make sure to follow the coding conventions used by the project. You don't necessarily need to be a programmer to contribute. If you would like to have OpenCards in your own language, find the "strings.xml" file in the source browser, translate it to your own language and send it back!

Creating games

For information on how to implement a game, check the Creating wiki page.

Alternatively check the changeset ba67bebae894 .


How to translate the strings wiki page.

Wiki features

This wiki uses the Creole syntax, and is fully compatible with the 1.0 specification.