Dnsmadeeasy python bindings

Interact with the api at

Howto - use as script

First export into your environment(bash/zsh example)

$ export DNS_MADEEASY_KEY=your_key $ export DNS_MADEEASY_SECRET=your_secret

Run the program

Usage: [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
 Domain(create_domain|read_domain|update_domain|delete_ domain) Records(create_record|delete_record|update_rec ord|read_record)
 the domain name: eq.
 the record name without the domain eq. mail
 ['A', 'CNAME', 'MX']
 the ip address of the record_name (will add add csv ips)
 the ttl for the record_name - default 1800
 location of the GTD - DEFAULT if not specified

Howto - use as module

>>> import dnsmadeeasy
>>> import json
>>> r = dnsmadeeasy.Request(DNS_MADEEASY_KEY, DNS_MADEEASY_SECRET)
>>> domain_res = json.loads(r.read_domain(''))
>>> record = json.loads(r.read_record('', '9999')) # 9999 is the record id
>>> all_records = json.loads(r.read_record(''))