Standalone Categories

A Pelican plugin that will remove specified categories out of the "normal" blog workflow. These categories will not appear in your regular blog's Categories page, and the articles in them will not be created during normal article processing. For each of these special categories, a separate list page will be created using a template you choose, and every article in that category will be created with a specified template. This allows you to have a different look and feel for one or more categories.

I wrote this plugin because I wanted a couple categories that had thumbnails on the article list page and that were separate from the main blog posts. You can see the results on my site the Work and Projects pages and the articles in them were handled by this plugin.

How To Use

In your create a STANDALONE_CATEGORY_PAGES setting that is a list of categories you want special treatment for. Each item in the list is a dict that defines the category name via the category_name key, what template to use for the category list page via the page_template key, and a template to use for the articles in that category with the article_template key. See the example!

Each of the custom category pages, and each custom article page has access to all the same properties as your normal article and category templates. Each of the custom template files you use will need to exist in your theme's templates directory alongside all the standard ones.



PLUGIN_PATH = "plugins"
PLUGINS = ['standalone_categories',]


        'category_name': 'Work', 
        'page_template': 'project_list_page',
        'article_template': 'project_article'

        'category_name': 'Painting', 
        'page_template': 'artwork_list_page',
        'article_template': 'artwork_article'

In your theme folder:


This will pull any articles in the Work and Painting categories from the blog proper and create two category pages, work.html and painting.html, that use the templates project_list_page.html and artwork_list_page.html respectively. All the articles in the Work category will then be created with the project_article.html template, and all Painting posts will be created with the artwork_article.html template.