ACRCms on Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS

This quickstart helps you get up and running with a ACRCms instance on OpenShift. It automatically handles creating a Python virtualenv, populating a MySQL database, and deploying the cms to the cloud.


ACRCms is an open source Python web content management system based on Turbogears and libacr. ACRCms is designed to let non technical people create and manage their web pages and thanks to its plugin system and libacr it is also easily extensible and embeddable in any web site using the Turbogears framework.


  • Completely free, thanks to Red Hat's OpenShift Express
  • MySQL database automatically setup
  • Dynamic database configuration at runtime. No passwords stored in your configs.
  • Automatic deployment upon git push
  • No need to think about servers, let alone apache/mod_wsgi configuration

How To

rhc domain create -n <yournamespace> -l
  • Deploy the cms:
rhc app create -a ACRCms -t python-2.6 -l
rhc app cartridge add -a ACRCms -c mysql-5.1 -l
cd ACRCms
git remote add upstream -m master
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
git push

Monitoring your logs

rhc-tail-files -a ACRCms -l