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 :ref:`ACRcms's assets manager <asset-manager>` to store and retrieve your contents. Please refer to the `CKEditor user guide <>`_
 for the complete how to.
+.. _content-genshi:
 * :ref:`Add a blog section <tutorial-blog>`
 * :ref:`Create an image gallery <tutorial-gallery>`
 * :ref:`Add a fully functional search bar <tutorial-search>`
-* :ref:``
+* :ref:`Breadcrumbs <tutorial-breadcrumbs>`
 .. _tutorial-login:
 Add a blog section
+ACRCms integrates `tgapp-smallpress <>`_ plugin as blogging system. To add a new blog category visit
+``yourwebpage/smallpress/blogs`` and click on ``New Blog``, insert the category name and submit. Now return on the page where you want to insert 
+the blog section and click on **ADD SLICE -> BLOG_ARTICLES**, select the newly created blog section and submit. Now in you will see the blog admin bar
+that permits you, click on ``Manage Blog`` and there you can write new articles, edit old articles and manage publication.
 .. _tutorial-gallery:
 Create an image gallery
+The image gallery is provided by `tgapp-photos <>`_ plugin, the flow is the same of :ref:`Blog Section <tutorial-blog>`, 
+visit ``yourwebpage/photos/manage/galleries``, add a new gallery, return to your web page and click on **ADD SLICE -> PHOTO_ALBUM**, select the album and submit.
+Now from the gallery admin bar click on ``Manage Gallery``, and there you can upload and remove photos.
 .. _tutorial-search:
 Add a fully functional search bar
+Almost any content-centric website needs a search bar. In ACRCms is simple to add one, click on **ADD SLICE -> SEARCH**, save and the search bar will be placed
+in your page.
+.. _tutorial-breadcrumbs:
+Add a breadcrumb bar
+Using Genshi slices, you can create contents with more logic. We are going to create a breadcrumb bar using a Genshi slice:
+click on **ADD SLICE -> GENSHI**, insert this content::
+	<?python
+	nodes = []
+	curpage = page
+	while curpage:
+	   if curpage.slices:
+	       nodes.append(curpage)
+	   curpage = curpage.parent
+	nodes = list(reversed(nodes))
+	?>
+	<div class="breadcrumb">
+	<span class="breadcrumb_home">
+	<a href="/">HOME</a> &gt;
+	</span>
+	<span py:for="bcpage in nodes[:-1]">
+	<a href="${bcpage.url}">${Markup(bcpage.i18n_title)}</a> &gt;
+	</span>
+	<span>${Markup(page.i18n_title)}</span>
+	</div>
+Save it and you have a breadcrumb bar. For details please read :ref:`Genshi Slice Reference <content-genshi>`.