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Fix for under water render going black when deferred rendering and anti-aliasing enabled.

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-	if (LLPipeline::sRenderDeferred && !LLViewerCamera::getInstance()->cameraUnderWater())
-	{
-		bool dof_enabled = true;
+	if (LLPipeline::sRenderDeferred)
+	{
+		bool dof_enabled = !LLViewerCamera::getInstance()->cameraUnderWater();
 		LLGLSLShader* shader = &gDeferredPostProgram;
 		if (LLViewerShaderMgr::instance()->getVertexShaderLevel(LLViewerShaderMgr::SHADER_DEFERRED) > 2)
 			shader = &gDeferredGIFinalProgram;
 			dof_enabled = false;
-		else if (LLToolMgr::getInstance()->inBuildMode() || !gSavedSettings.getBOOL("RenderDepthOfField"))
+		else if (!dof_enabled || LLToolMgr::getInstance()->inBuildMode() || !gSavedSettings.getBOOL("RenderDepthOfField"))
 		{ //squish focal length when in build mode (or if DoF is disabled) so DoF doesn't make editing objects difficult
 			shader = &gDeferredPostNoDoFProgram;
 			dof_enabled = false;
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