nat_linden committed 0827b8a

Reapply f6ed57210865 to zh/notifications.xml: remove "FirstRun" link.
Because create_account_url should vary between viewer languages and skins,
we've made an effort to ensure that create_account_url is used everywhere,
instead of directly embedding Recent rev
6ee71714935f accidentally reinserted the link embedded in the "FirstRun"
notification for language 'zh'. Delete it again.

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 		[APP_NAME] 安裝完成。
 如果你是第一次使用 [SECOND_LIFE],你將需要建立新帳號才可登入。
-返回 [] 建立新帳號?
 		<usetemplate name="okcancelbuttons" notext="繼續" yestext="新帳戶..."/>
 	<notification name="LoginPacketNeverReceived">