Tofu Linden  committed 090a48f

WEB-1819 FIXED Find always resets to start page
(plus many dupes).

Enough seesawing, I hope - see WEB-1819 for discussion and the nature of the compromise.
Patch by Kitty Barnett, reviewed by my.

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File doc/contributions.txt

 Kitty Barnett
+	WEB-1819
 Kunnis Basiat

File indra/newview/llfloatersearch.cpp

 void LLFloaterSearch::onOpen(const LLSD& key)
-	search(key);
-void LLFloaterSearch::onClose(bool app_quitting)
-	// tear down the web view so we don't show the previous search
-	// result when the floater is opened next time
-	destroy();
+	if ( (key.has("category")) || ((mBrowser) && (mBrowser->getCurrentNavUrl().empty())) )
+	{
+		search(key);
+	}
 void LLFloaterSearch::handleMediaEvent(LLPluginClassMedia *self, EMediaEvent event)

File indra/newview/llfloatersearch.h

 	/// see search() for details on the key parameter.
 	/*virtual*/ void onOpen(const LLSD& key);
-	/*virtual*/ void onClose(bool app_quitting);
 	/// perform a search with the specific search term.
 	/// The key should be a map that can contain the following keys:
 	///  - "id": specifies the text phrase to search for