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Add explicit reference to keychain to use

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                 keychain_pwd = open(keychain_pwd_path).read().rstrip()
                 self.run_command('security unlock-keychain -p "%s" "%s/Library/Keychains/viewer.keychain"' % ( keychain_pwd, home_path ) )
-                self.run_command('codesign --force --sign --verbose %(identity)r %(bundle)r' % {
+                self.run_command('codesign --force --keychain '"%(home_path)/Library/Keychains/viewer.keychain"' --sign --verbose %(identity)r %(bundle)r' % {i
+                                 'home_path' : home_path,
                                  'identity': identity,
                                   'bundle': self.get_dst_prefix()
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