Alexei Arabadji  committed 0f0c288

EXT-4568 added assertion on receiving form server sim info with empty sim name.

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File indra/newview/llworldmapmessage.cpp

 		U32 x_world = (U32)(x_regions) * REGION_WIDTH_UNITS;
 		U32 y_world = (U32)(y_regions) * REGION_WIDTH_UNITS;
+		// name shouldn't be empty, see EXT-4568
+		llassert(!name.empty());
 		// Insert that region in the world map, if failure, flag it as a "null_sim"
 		if (!(LLWorldMap::getInstance()->insertRegion(x_world, y_world, name, image_id, (U32)accesscode, region_flags)))