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Fixes from Oz's merge.

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         boost::filesystem::path executablepath(*executablepathstr);
-        mExecutableFilename = executablepath.filename();
+        mExecutableFilename = executablepath.filename().string();
         mExecutableDir = executablepath.parent_path().string();
 		// mAppRODataDir


         if ( boost::filesystem::is_directory(itr->status()) )
-            std::string dir_name = itr->string();
+            std::string dir_name = itr->path().string();
             if ( isApplication(dir_name) ) 
         //Grab filename from installdir append to tempdir move set aside_dir to moved path.
         std::string install_str = app_dir.parent_path().string();
         std::string temp_str = temp_dir.string();
-        std::string app_str = app_dir.filename();
+        std::string app_str = app_dir.filename().string();
         aside_dir = boost::filesystem::path( boost::filesystem::operator/(temp_dir,app_str) );
         std::cout << "Attempting to move " << app_dir.string() << " to " << aside_dir.string() << std::endl;
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