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fixed potential buffer overrun in volume code

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 						// copy volume level 4 times into 64 bit MMX register
 						__m64 volume_64 = _mm_set_pi16(volume_16, volume_16, volume_16, volume_16);
-						__m64 *sample_64;
+						__m64* sample_64;
+						__m64* last_sample_64 =  (__m64*)(pwh->lpData + pwh->dwBufferLength - sizeof(__m64));
 						// for everything that can be addressed in 64 bit multiples...
 						for (sample_64 = (__m64*)pwh->lpData;
-							sample_64 < (__m64*)(pwh->lpData + pwh->dwBufferLength);
+							sample_64 <= last_sample_64;
 							//...multiply the samples by the volume...
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