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MAINT-1721 Fix for crash when clicking "back" button after editing appearance.

Reviewed by VoidPointer

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 	dst[1] = (U8)(((U32)(a[1]) + b[1] + c[1] + d[1])>>2);
+void LLImageBase::setDataAndSize(U8 *data, S32 size)
+	ll_assert_aligned(data, 16);
+	mData = data; mDataSize = size; 
 void LLImageBase::generateMip(const U8* indata, U8* mipdata, S32 width, S32 height, S32 nchannels)


 	// special accessor to allow direct setting of mData and mDataSize by LLImageFormatted
-	void setDataAndSize(U8 *data, S32 size) { mData = data; mDataSize = size; }	
+	void setDataAndSize(U8 *data, S32 size);
 	static void generateMip(const U8 *indata, U8* mipdata, int width, int height, S32 nchannels);


 			BOOL valid = FALSE;
 			LLPointer<LLImageJ2C> integrity_test = new LLImageJ2C;
 			S32 file_size = 0;
-			U8* data = LLVFile::readFile(gVFS, asset_id, LLAssetType::AT_TEXTURE, &file_size);
+			//data buffer MUST be allocated using LLImageBase
+			LLVFile file(gVFS, asset_id, LLAssetType::AT_TEXTURE);
+			file_size = file.getSize();
+			U8* data = integrity_test->allocateData(file_size);
+			file.read(data, file_size);
 			if (data)
 				valid = integrity_test->validate(data, file_size); // integrity_test will delete 'data'
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