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MAINT-775 Fix for regression where rigged attachments get distorted on region crossing or teleport.

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 			LLDrawable* drawablep = *drawable_iter;
-			if (!drawablep->isDead() && drawablep->isState(LLDrawable::REBUILD_ALL) )
+			if (!drawablep->isDead() && drawablep->isState(LLDrawable::REBUILD_ALL) && !drawablep->isState(LLDrawable::RIGGED) )
 				LLVOVolume* vobj = drawablep->getVOVolume();
 						LLVertexBuffer* buff = face->getVertexBuffer();
 						if (buff)
+							llassert(!face->isState(LLFace::RIGGED));
 							face->getGeometryVolume(*volume, face->getTEOffset(), 
 								vobj->getRelativeXform(), vobj->getRelativeXformInvTrans(), face->getGeomIndex());
 					U32 te_idx = facep->getTEOffset();
+					llassert(!facep->isState(LLFace::RIGGED));
 					facep->getGeometryVolume(*volume, te_idx, 
 						vobj->getRelativeXform(), vobj->getRelativeXformInvTrans(), index_offset);
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