nat_linden  committed 192f0b0

LLPanelLogin::loadLoginPage() can now use "sourceid" settings var.
Previously we borrowed the sourceid= param value from create_account_url,
which we "happened to know" was overridden with the sourceid of interest. Now
that we have a settings variable that directly captures sourceid, though, much
more straightforward to use that.

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File indra/newview/llpanellogin.cpp

 	// add OS info
 	params["os"] = LLAppViewer::instance()->getOSInfo().getOSStringSimple();
-	// sourceid: create_account_url's sourceid= varies by skin
-	LLURI create_account_url(LLTrans::getString("create_account_url"));
-	LLSD create_account_params(create_account_url.queryMap());
-	if (create_account_params.has("sourceid"))
-	{
-		params["sourceid"] = create_account_params["sourceid"];
-	}
+	// sourceid
+	params["sourceid"] = gSavedSettings.getString("sourceid");
 	// Make an LLURI with this augmented info
 	LLURI login_uri(LLURI::buildHTTP(login_page.authority(),