Boroondas Gupte avatar Boroondas Gupte committed 19ab948

OPEN-29 Cleanup: removed extra qualification ‘LLDir_Win32::’ on member ‘getNextFileInDir’

Before OPEN-29, when lldir_win32.h would have been included when
building for Linux, GCC would error out with
indra/llvfs/lldir_win32.h:50: error: extra qualification ‘LLDir_Win32::’ on member ‘getNextFileInDir’
which, although unintended, probably was a Good Thing (TM), as this
would have aborted the build, so that the wrong include would be
noticed. Now that we explicitly error out with a (hopefully) useful
error message, this isn't needed anymore.

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 	/*virtual*/ std::string getLLPluginFilename(std::string base_name);
-	BOOL LLDir_Win32::getNextFileInDir(const llutf16string &dirname, const std::string &mask, std::string &fname);
+	BOOL getNextFileInDir(const llutf16string &dirname, const std::string &mask, std::string &fname);
 	void* mDirSearch_h;
 	llutf16string mCurrentDir;
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