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Kelly Washington  committed 19b5217

MAINT-1897 Poor performance viewing large group member lists
* llpanelgroupinvite to use LLAvatarNameCache isntead of legacy gCacheName

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File indra/newview/llpanelgroupinvite.cpp

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 			//so we need to do this additional search in avatar tracker, see EXT-4732
 			if (LLAvatarTracker::instance().isBuddy(agent_id))
-				if (!gCacheName->getFullName(agent_id, fullname))
+				LLAvatarName av_name;
+				if (!LLAvatarNameCache::get(agent_id, &av_name))
 					// actually it should happen, just in case
-					gCacheName->get(LLUUID(agent_id), false, boost::bind(
+					LLAvatarNameCache::get(LLUUID(agent_id), boost::bind(
 							&LLPanelGroupInvite::addUserCallback, this, _1, _2));
 					// for this special case!
 					//when there is no cached name we should remove resident from agent_ids list to avoid breaking of sequence
-					names.push_back(fullname);
+					names.push_back(av_name.getLegacyName());
 	mImplementation->addUsers(names, agent_ids);
-void LLPanelGroupInvite::addUserCallback(const LLUUID& id, const std::string& full_name)
+void LLPanelGroupInvite::addUserCallback(const LLUUID& id, const LLAvatarName& av_name)
 	std::vector<std::string> names;
 	uuid_vec_t agent_ids;
-	names.push_back(full_name);
+	names.push_back(av_name.getLegacyName());
 	mImplementation->addUsers(names, agent_ids);

File indra/newview/llpanelgroupinvite.h

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 #include "llpanel.h"
 #include "lluuid.h"
+class LLAvatarName;
 class LLPanelGroupInvite
 : public LLPanel
 	 * this callback is being used to add a user whose fullname isn't been loaded before invoking of addUsers().
-	void addUserCallback(const LLUUID& id, const std::string& full_name);
+	void addUserCallback(const LLUUID& id, const LLAvatarName& av_name);
 	void clear();
 	void update();