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STORM-579 : pull into viewer-beta

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 LLStyle::Params LLUrlEntryAgent::getStyle() const
 	LLStyle::Params style_params = LLUrlEntryBase::getStyle();
-	style_params.color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("AgentLinkColor");
-	style_params.readonly_color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("AgentLinkColor");
+	style_params.color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("HTMLLinkColor");
+	style_params.readonly_color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("HTMLLinkColor");
 	return style_params;


 				// set the link for the object name to be the objectim SLapp
 				// (don't let object names with hyperlinks override our objectim Url)
 				LLStyle::Params link_params(style_params);
-				link_params.color.control = "HTMLLinkColor";
+				LLColor4 link_color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("HTMLLinkColor");
+				link_params.color = link_color;
+				link_params.readonly_color = link_color;
 				link_params.is_link = true;
 				link_params.link_href = url;
 				mEditor->appendText(chat.mFromName + delimiter,
 									false, link_params);
 			else if ( chat.mFromName != SYSTEM_FROM && chat.mFromID.notNull() && !message_from_log)
 				LLStyle::Params link_params(style_params);
-				// Setting is_link = true for agent SLURL to avoid applying default style to it.
-				// See LLTextBase::appendTextImpl().
-				link_params.is_link = true;
-				link_params.link_href = LLSLURL("agent", chat.mFromID, "inspect").getSLURLString();
+				link_params.overwriteFrom(LLStyleMap::instance().lookupAgent(chat.mFromID));
 				// Add link to avatar's inspector and delimiter to message.
-				mEditor->appendText(chat.mFromName, false, link_params);
-				mEditor->appendText(delimiter, false, style_params);
+				mEditor->appendText(std::string(link_params.link_href) + delimiter, false, link_params);
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