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Ramzi Ramey  committed 1e864de

DEV-39781 VWR-15246: LSL compiler typo in the tooltip for 'attach'
- edited 2 words in the file

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File indra/newview/app_settings/keywords.ini

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 money			money(key id, integer amount):Triggered when L$ is given to task
 email			email(string time, string address, string subj, string message, integer num_left):Triggered when task receives email
 run_time_permissions	run_time_permissions(integer perm):Triggered when an agent grants run time permissions to task
-attach			attach(key id):Triggered when an agent attaches or detaches from agent
+attach			attach(key id):Triggered when task attaches or detaches from agent
 dataserver      dataserver(key queryid, string data):Triggered when task receives asynchronous data
 moving_start	moving_start():Triggered when task begins moving
 moving_end		moving_end():Triggered when task stops moving