Donald Kjer avatar Donald Kjer committed 21fd8aa

More cleanup from self-reviewing headless client changes

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 #include "indra_constants.h"
 #include "llwindowheadless.h"
-#include "llgl.h"
 // LLWindowHeadless


 	LL_INFOS("AppInit") << "Initializing window..." << LL_ENDL;
 	// store setting in a global for easy access and modification
-	gHeadlessClient = gSavedSettings.getBOOL("DisableRendering") 
-				   || gSavedSettings.getBOOL("HeadlessClient");
+	gHeadlessClient = gSavedSettings.getBOOL("HeadlessClient");
 	// always start windowed
 	BOOL ignorePixelDepth = gSavedSettings.getBOOL("IgnorePixelDepth");
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