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LLDrawable::destroy: Illegal deletion of LLDrawable!

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File indra/newview/pipeline.cpp

 void LLPipeline::clearReferences()
 	sCull = NULL;
+	mGroupSaveQ1.clear();
 void check_references(LLSpatialGroup* group, LLDrawable* drawable)
+	mGroupSaveQ1 = mGroupQ1;
 	mGroupQ1Locked = false;

File indra/newview/pipeline.h

 	LLSpatialGroup::sg_vector_t		mGroupQ1; //priority
 	LLSpatialGroup::sg_vector_t		mGroupQ2; // non-priority
+	LLSpatialGroup::sg_vector_t		mGroupSaveQ1; // a place to save mGroupQ1 until it is safe to unref
 	LLSpatialGroup::sg_vector_t		mMeshDirtyGroup; //groups that need rebuildMesh called
 	U32 mMeshDirtyQueryObject;