Kelly Washington avatar Kelly Washington committed 23e0e3a

MAINT-1897 Poor performance viewing large group member lists
* Remove debug spam

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 	LLAvatarName av_name;
-	S32 i = 0;
 	for( ; mMemberProgress != gdatap->mMembers.end() && !update_time.hasExpired(); 
-			++mMemberProgress, ++i)
+			++mMemberProgress)
 		LLGroupMemberData* member = mMemberProgress->second;
 		if (!member)
-	llinfos << "Updated " << i << " members in " << (F32)(1000.0 * update_time.getElapsedTimeF32()) << "ms this frame." << llendl;
 	if (mMemberProgress == gdatap->mMembers.end())
 		lldebugs << "   member list completed." << llendl;
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