nyx  committed 24f4654

SH-1289 VWR-25421 VWR-25415 FIX multiwearable "add" option disabled in inventory view

Corrected the XUI menu logic that was causing the "add" right click option to be greyed out
for clothing pieces that are valid for multiwearables.

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File indra/newview/llinventorybridge.cpp

 					if (LLWearableType::getAllowMultiwear(mWearableType))
 						items.push_back(std::string("Wearable Add"));
-						if (gAgentWearables.getWearableCount(mWearableType) > 0)
+						if (gAgentWearables.getWearableCount(mWearableType) >= LLAgentWearables::MAX_CLOTHING_PER_TYPE)
 							disabled_items.push_back(std::string("Wearable Add"));