nat_linden  committed 25bd600

CHOP-239: reconcile LL_VERSION_BUNDLE_ID with Info-SecondLife.plist.
The bundle ID is found in llversionviewer.h, Info-SecondLife.plist and
mac_updater.cpp. The latter two state it as "com.secondlife.indra.viewer".
llversionviewer.h stated it as "com.secondlife.snowglobe.viewer". Changing it
to "indra" to be consistent. For further discussion, please see the Jira.

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  • Tags 2.4.0-beta2, DRTVWR-27_2.4.0-beta2

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File indra/llcommon/llversionviewer.h

 const char * const LL_CHANNEL = "Second Life Developer";
-const char * const LL_VERSION_BUNDLE_ID = "com.secondlife.snowglobe.viewer";
+const char * const LL_VERSION_BUNDLE_ID = "com.secondlife.indra.viewer";