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MAINT-646 Fix for leak introduced by optimizations.

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 			mActiveObjects[idx] = mActiveObjects[last_index];
-			mActiveObjects.pop_back();
+		mActiveObjects.pop_back();
+	//post condition: if object is active, it must be on the active list
+	llassert(!active || std::find(mActiveObjects.begin(), mActiveObjects.end(), objectp) != mActiveObjects.end());
+	//post condition: if object is not active, it must not be on the active list
+	llassert(active || std::find(mActiveObjects.begin(), mActiveObjects.end(), objectp) == mActiveObjects.end());
 void LLViewerObjectList::updateObjectCost(LLViewerObject* object)


 	LLViewerObject *getSelectedObject(const U32 object_id);
 	inline S32 getNumObjects() { return (S32) mObjects.size(); }
+	inline S32 getNumActiveObjects() { return (S32) mActiveObjects.size(); }
 	void addToMap(LLViewerObject *objectp);
 	void removeFromMap(LLViewerObject *objectp);


 			addText(xpos, ypos, llformat("%d Render Calls", gPipeline.mBatchCount));
             ypos += y_inc;
+			addText(xpos, ypos, llformat("%d/%d Objects Active", gObjectList.getNumActiveObjects(), gObjectList.getNumObjects()));
+			ypos += y_inc;
 			addText(xpos, ypos, llformat("%d Matrix Ops", gPipeline.mMatrixOpCount));
 			ypos += y_inc;
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