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Only enable breakpad error handing if crash reporting is enabled

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 	// occasionally checks to see if the app is in an error state, and sees if it needs to be run.
 	// This sets a callback to handle w32 signals to the console window.
 	// The viewer shouldn't be affected, sicne its a windowed app.
 	SetConsoleCtrlHandler( (PHANDLER_ROUTINE) ConsoleCtrlHandler, TRUE);
 		mExceptionHandler = new google_breakpad::ExceptionHandler(
 			L"C:\\Temp\\", 0, windows_post_minidump_callback, 0, google_breakpad::ExceptionHandler::HANDLER_ALL);
 	// Start up signal handling.


 		pending = getPending();
 		if(pending > 0)
-		unpause();
-	}
+			unpause();
+		}


 	// Note: This won't work when running from the debugger unless the _NO_DEBUG_HEAP environment variable is set to 1
 	// Enable to get mem debugging within visual studio.
 	_CrtSetDbgFlag(0); // default, just making explicit
 	ULONG ulEnableLFH = 2;
 			heap_enable_lfh_error[i] = GetLastError();
 	// *FIX: global


                 result += 'Delete ' + wpath(os.path.join('$INSTDIR', rel_file)) + '\n'
-        if install
-            result += 'Delete ' + wpath(os.path.join('$INSTDIR', 'libtcmalloc_minimal.dll')) + '\n'
         # at the end of a delete, just rmdir all the directories
         if not install:
             deleted_file_dirs = [os.path.dirname(pair[1].replace(self.get_dst_prefix()+os.path.sep,'')) for pair in self.file_list]
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