Vadim Savchuk  committed 30cad98

STORM-376 FIXED Toast close button sometimes didn't disappear.

Each toast's panel lies on an invisible floater which is a bit bigger than the panel.
Notification toasts were displayed so close to each other that the floaters were overlapped by 2 pixels.
Because of the overlapping, toasts sometimes didn't receive mouse-leave events, thus not hiding their close buttons.

Increased padding between toasts by 2 pixels (from 5 to 7) to eliminate overlapping.

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File indra/newview/app_settings/settings.xml

-      <string>Gap between toasts on a screen</string>
-      <key>Persist</key>
-      <integer>1</integer>
-      <key>Type</key>
-      <string>S32</string>
-      <key>Value</key>
-      <integer>5</integer>
+      <string>Gap between toasts on a screen (min. value is 5)</string>
+      <key>Persist</key>
+      <integer>1</integer>
+      <key>Type</key>
+      <string>S32</string>
+      <key>Value</key>
+      <integer>7</integer>