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EXT-8279 FIX original items being deleted when removed from COF

Replacing logic with call to removeCOFItemLinks, which should do appropriate
checking to determine that item is in the COF and is actually a link.

Code reviewed by Seraph

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File indra/newview/llappearancemgr.cpp

 	// since sever don't sends message _PREHASH_KillObject in that case.
 	// Also we can't check is link was successfully removed from COF since in case
 	// deleting attachment link removing performs asynchronously in process_kill_object callback.
-	LLViewerInventoryItem* item =  gInventory.getItem(id_to_remove);
-	if (item != NULL)
-	{
-		gInventory.purgeObject(id_to_remove);
-		gInventory.notifyObservers();
-	}
+	removeCOFItemLinks(id_to_remove,false);
 bool LLAppearanceMgr::moveWearable(LLViewerInventoryItem* item, bool closer_to_body)