Paul ProductEngine avatar Paul ProductEngine committed 33ef18c

EXP-1586 ADDITIONAL FIX (Nearby chat window no longer persists between viewer startups)

- Got rid of confusing conditions.

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 	gSavedSettings.declareBOOL("nearbychat_history_visibility", mNearbyChat->getVisible(), "Visibility state of nearby chat history", TRUE);
-	// If mVisibilityControl is not empty it means that the visibility state of floater is saved between sessions,
-	// i.e. save_visibility="true" for this floater.
-	// So if we need to restore visibility state of floater we also need to restore visibility state of nearby chat history.
-	if (!mVisibilityControl.empty())
-	{
-		// restore visibility of nearby chat history
-		mNearbyChat->setVisible(gSavedSettings.getBOOL("nearbychat_history_visibility"));
-	}
+	mNearbyChat->setVisible(gSavedSettings.getBOOL("nearbychat_history_visibility"));
 	// Register for font change notifications
 	LLViewerChat::setFontChangedCallback(boost::bind(&LLNearbyChatBar::onChatFontChange, this, _1));
 	return rect_controlled;
-void LLNearbyChatBar::saveChatHistoryVisibility()
-	// save visibility state of nearby chat history panel if
-	// visibility of nearby chat floater is saved, i.e. save_visisbility="true"
-	// (if save_visisbility="true", mVisibilityControl == "floater_vis_chat_bar")
-	if (mVisibilityControl.size() > 1)
-	{
-		// save visibility of nearby chat history
-		gSavedSettings.setBOOL("nearbychat_history_visibility", mNearbyChat->getVisible());
-	}
 void LLNearbyChatBar::onChatFontChange(LLFontGL* fontp)
 	// Update things with the new font whohoo
-	saveChatHistoryVisibility();
+	gSavedSettings.setBOOL("nearbychat_history_visibility", mNearbyChat->getVisible());
 void LLNearbyChatBar::setMinimized(BOOL b)


 	LLLocalSpeakerMgr*		mSpeakerMgr;
 	S32 mExpandedHeight;
-	// Saves visibility of chat history panel
-	// if save_visibility="true"
-	void saveChatHistoryVisibility();
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