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SH-769 FIXED Name field in model dialog allows 255 characters

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   <string name="simplifying">Simplifying...</string>
-  <text left="15" bottom="25" follows="top|left" height="15" max_length_bytes="64" name="name_label">
+  <text left="15" bottom="25" follows="top|left" height="15" name="name_label">
-  <line_editor bottom_delta="20" follows="top|left|right" height="19" 
+  <line_editor bottom_delta="20" follows="top|left|right" height="19" max_length_bytes="64" 
 	     name="description_form" prevalidate_callback="ascii" width="290" />
   <text bottom_delta="20" left="15" follows="left|top" height="15" name="lod_label">
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