Vadim Savchuk  committed 3a56fbe

STORM-1543 WIP Fixed dropping nventory offers in busy mode.

When auto-discarding inventory offers we looked up missing Busy button
(i.e. a button having index=3) in the inventory offer notification dialog
template. Failure to find the button resulted in ignoring inventory offers.

Fixed that by "auto-clicking" the existing Discard button.

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File indra/newview/llviewermessage.cpp

 	LLChat chat;
 	std::string log_message;
 	S32 button = LLNotificationsUtil::getSelectedOption(notification, response);
+	// The offer notification has no Busy button,
+	// so if we're in busy mode, assume busy response (STORM-1543).
+	if (gAgent.getBusy())
+	{
+		button = IOR_BUSY;
+	}
 	LLInventoryObserver* opener = NULL;
 	LLViewerInventoryCategory* catp = NULL;
 				// Until throttling is implemented, busy mode should reject inventory instead of silently
 				// accepting it.  SEE SL-39554
-				info->forceResponse(IOR_BUSY);
+				info->forceResponse(IOR_DECLINE);