Scott Lawrence avatar Scott Lawrence committed 3ad7ae8 Draft Merge

merge changes for DRTVWR-279

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 7c6dfdc1b7a2ce0d8e3a8f3ce3058547ea065c0f DRTVWR-250
 b9ff9730daa53a541925300cbd02bb14575a5705 DRTVWR-277
 af6b711a97073431953b55ee808aaa09900c27e5 DRTVWR-276
+8302fefde6c8f4a64bfc7f04929f8bc85f5c6c7b DRTVWR-279


-		std::string expanded_filename = gDirUtilp->getExpandedFilename( local_path, local_filename );
+		// If we want to use a special path (e.g. LL_PATH_CACHE), we want to make sure we create the
+		// proper expanded filename.
+		std::string expanded_filename;
+		if (local_path != LL_PATH_NONE)
+		{
+			expanded_filename = gDirUtilp->getExpandedFilename( local_path, local_filename );
+		}
+		else
+		{
+			expanded_filename = local_filename;
+		}
 		llinfos << "starting file transfer: " <<  expanded_filename << " to " << mesgsys->getSender() << llendl;
 		BOOL delete_local_on_completion = FALSE;
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