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merge possible fix for VWR-25444

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 					if (LLWearableType::getAllowMultiwear(mWearableType))
 						items.push_back(std::string("Wearable Add"));
-						if (gAgentWearables.getWearableCount(mWearableType) > 0)
+						if (gAgentWearables.getWearableCount(mWearableType) >= LLAgentWearables::MAX_CLOTHING_PER_TYPE)
 							disabled_items.push_back(std::string("Wearable Add"));


 void LLPanelEditWearable::changeCamera(U8 subpart)
+	// Don't change the camera if this type doesn't have a camera switch.
+	// Useful for wearables like physics that don't have an associated physical body part.
+	if (LLWearableType::getDisableCameraSwitch(mWearablePtr->getType()))
+	{
+		return;
+	}
         const LLEditWearableDictionary::WearableEntry *wearable_entry = LLEditWearableDictionary::getInstance()->getWearable(mWearablePtr->getType());
         if (!wearable_entry)
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