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reapply 8a625610cd5d: MAINT-1161: non standard sea level not correctly rendered around private islands.
Reviewed by Kelly

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 		mWaterObjp = (LLVOWater *)gObjectList.createObjectViewer(LLViewerObject::LL_VO_WATER, mRegionp);
 		LLVector3d water_pos_global = from_region_handle(mRegionp->getHandle());
-		water_pos_global += LLVector3d(128.0, 128.0, DEFAULT_WATER_HEIGHT);
+		water_pos_global += LLVector3d(128.0, 128.0, DEFAULT_WATER_HEIGHT);		// region doesn't have a valid water height yet


+	// Use the water height of the region we're on for areas where there is no region
+	F32 water_height = gAgent.getRegion()->getWaterHeight();
 	// Now, get a list of the holes
 	S32 x, y;
 	for (x = min_x; x <= max_x; x += rwidth)
 			U64 region_handle = to_region_handle(x, y);
 			if (!getRegionFromHandle(region_handle))
-			{
+			{	// No region at that area, so make water
 				LLVOWater* waterp = (LLVOWater *)gObjectList.createObjectViewer(LLViewerObject::LL_VO_WATER, gAgent.getRegion());
 				waterp->setPositionGlobal(LLVector3d(x + rwidth/2,
 													 y + rwidth/2,
-													 256.f+DEFAULT_WATER_HEIGHT));
+													 256.f + water_height));
 				waterp->setScale(LLVector3((F32)rwidth, (F32)rwidth, 512.f));
-		LLVector3d water_pos(water_center_x, water_center_y, 256.f+DEFAULT_WATER_HEIGHT) ;
+		LLVector3d water_pos(water_center_x, water_center_y, 256.f + water_height) ;
 		LLVector3 water_scale((F32) dim[0], (F32) dim[1], 512.f);
 		//stretch out to horizon
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