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nat_linden  committed 41b542c

CHOP-753: make getAvailableMemoryKB() only load data on Windows.
(per Monty code review)
Other platforms return -1 anyway, so don't need to call load methods.

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 void LLMemoryInfo::getAvailableMemoryKB(U32& avail_physical_mem_kb, U32& avail_virtual_mem_kb)
 	// Sigh, this shouldn't be a static method, then we wouldn't have to
 	// reload this data separately from refresh()
 	LLSD statsMap(loadStatsMap(loadStatsArray()));
 	avail_physical_mem_kb = statsMap["Avail Physical KB"].asInteger();
 	avail_virtual_mem_kb  = statsMap["Avail Virtual KB"].asInteger();