Merov Linden avatar Merov Linden committed 4211262

VWR-29358 : Fix auto scroll to selection when the filter is active

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-	mNeedsAutoSelect = mFilter->hasFilterString() &&
-							!(gFocusMgr.childHasKeyboardFocus(this) || gFocusMgr.getMouseCapture());
-	if (mFilter->isModified() && mFilter->isNotDefault())
-	{
-		mNeedsAutoSelect = TRUE;
-	}
+	BOOL filter_modified_and_active = mFilter->isModified() && mFilter->isNotDefault();
+	mNeedsAutoSelect = filter_modified_and_active &&
+						!(gFocusMgr.childHasKeyboardFocus(this) || gFocusMgr.getMouseCapture());
 	// filter to determine visibility before arranging
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