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Side tray uses normal panel colors, not hard-coded floater colors.
Added "Show Side Tray" to login debug menu.
Fixed strange border color around Home side tray panel, more similar fixes to follow.
Reviewed with Richard.

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-	static LLUIColor default_background_color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("FloaterDefaultBackgroundColor");
-	static LLUIColor focus_background_color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("FloaterFocusBackgroundColor");
-	setTransparentColor(default_background_color);
-	setBackgroundColor(focus_background_color);
 	return true;


 	return new_value;
+// Used from the login screen to aid in UI work on side tray
+void handle_show_side_tray()
+	LLSideTray* side_tray = LLSideTray::getInstance();
+	LLView* root = gViewerWindow->getRootView();
+	// automatically removes and re-adds if there already
+	root->addChild(side_tray);
 class LLSelfFriends : public view_listener_t
 	bool handleEvent(const LLSD& userdata)
 	view_listener_t::addMenu(new LLAdvancedCheckDebugKeys(), "Advanced.CheckDebugKeys");
 	view_listener_t::addMenu(new LLAdvancedToggleDebugWindowProc(), "Advanced.ToggleDebugWindowProc");
 	view_listener_t::addMenu(new LLAdvancedCheckDebugWindowProc(), "Advanced.CheckDebugWindowProc");
+	commit.add("Advanced.ShowSideTray", boost::bind(&handle_show_side_tray));
 	// Advanced > XUI
 	commit.add("Advanced.ReloadColorSettings", boost::bind(&LLUIColorTable::loadFromSettings, LLUIColorTable::getInstance()));


          parameter="test_inspectors" />
+      <menu_item_call
+         label="Show Side Tray"
+         name="Show Side Tray">
+        <menu_item_call.on_click
+         function="Advanced.ShowSideTray" />
+      </menu_item_call>
       <menu_item_separator />
          label="Show TOS"


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
+<!-- Part of side tray, see that XML file for panel config -->
- background_visible="true"
- bevel_style="out"
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