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more for MAINT-1955: Viewer crashes while login after clearing cache

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 		mFastCachep->seek(APR_SET, offset);	
-		llassert_always(mFastCachep->write(mFastCachePadBuffer, TEXTURE_FAST_CACHE_ENTRY_SIZE) == TEXTURE_FAST_CACHE_ENTRY_SIZE);
+		//no need to do this assertion check. When it fails, let it fail quietly.
+		//this failure could happen because other viewer removes the fast cache file when clearing cache.
+		//--> llassert_always(mFastCachep->write(mFastCachePadBuffer, TEXTURE_FAST_CACHE_ENTRY_SIZE) == TEXTURE_FAST_CACHE_ENTRY_SIZE);
+		mFastCachep->write(mFastCachePadBuffer, TEXTURE_FAST_CACHE_ENTRY_SIZE);
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