davep avatar davep committed 47f0d08

MAINT-1270 Fix for some flexi prims becoming flat at some LoDs

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 	LLPath *path = &volume->getPath();
 	if ((mSimulateRes == 0 || !mInitialized) && mVO->mDrawable->isVisible()) 
-		//mVO->markForUpdate(TRUE);
+		BOOL force_update = mSimulateRes == 0 ? TRUE : FALSE;
 		doIdleUpdate(gAgent, *LLWorld::getInstance(), 0.0);
-		if (mSimulateRes == 0)
+		if (!force_update || !gPipeline.hasRenderDebugFeatureMask(LLPipeline::RENDER_DEBUG_FEATURE_FLEXIBLE))
 			return;	// we did not get updated or initialized, proceeding without can be dangerous
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