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STORM-1820 Discoverability of the menu that opens the Block List is difficult

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+	STORM-1820
 Kadah Coba
 Jondan Lundquist


 // }
+class LLCommunicateBlockList : public view_listener_t
+	bool handleEvent(const LLSD& userdata)
+	{
+		// we just send the message and let the server check for failure cases
+		// server will echo back a "Home position set." alert if it succeeds
+		// and the home location screencapture happens when that alert is recieved
+		LLFloaterSidePanelContainer::showPanel("people", "panel_block_list_sidetray", LLSD());
+		return true;
+	}
 class LLWorldSetHomeLocation : public view_listener_t
 	// Me > Movement
 	view_listener_t::addMenu(new LLAdvancedAgentFlyingInfo(), "Agent.getFlying");
+	// Communicate
+	view_listener_t::addMenu(new LLCommunicateBlockList(), "Communicate.BlockList");
 	// World menu
 	view_listener_t::addMenu(new LLWorldAlwaysRun(), "World.AlwaysRun");


               parameter="nearby_panel" />
+        <menu_item_call
+         label="Block List"
+         name="Block List">
+            <menu_item_call.on_click
+              function="Communicate.BlockList" />
+        </menu_item_call>
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